SAFKick Butt (SAF)
5yo m Traffic Guard (USA) - Unique (SAF) by Muhtafal (USA)
2 - 10 Race 4  Griqualand  1600m  Time: 1:38.32  Track: Standard
Racing Association H.
Trainer: Cliffie Miller
1st: Euan' Me, 3rd: Ruby and Roses
Prize Money:
SAFOh Yeah (SAF)
4yo c Traffic Guard (USA) - Unique (SAF) by Muhtafal (USA)
3 - 10 Race 6  Griqualand  1400m  Time: 1:25.95  Track: Standard
Betting World H.
Trainer: Cliffie Miller
1st: Carlburg, 2nd: Cutting Edge
Prize Money:
MAUStarsky (SAF)
6yo h Traffic Guard (USA) - Rosetta (Saf) by Rambo Dancer (CAN)
2 - 9 Race 2  Mauritius TC  1850m  Time: 1:495.58  Track:
Mauritius Tourism Promotion Trophy
Trainer: C Daby
1st: All Aboard, 3rd: Black Indy
Prize Money:
MAUPatrol Officer (SAF)
4yo c Traffic Guard (USA) - Rainbow Lady (SAF) by Modern Day (USA)
1 - 8 Race 6  Mauritius TC  1400m  Time: 1:24.59  Track:
Zilwa Attitude Trophy
Trainer: G Rousset
2nd: Edge of the Sun, 3rd: Huyssteen
Prize Money: